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Occupy Wall Street: Street Fashion

Occupy Walls Street is taking over the world.  In NY Times interview, protesters were asked, why they are participating? Darcey Bussell alleged, “I like the use of public space as a performative realm and I like the combination of bodies in space”? Occupy Walls Street  has become more of a fashion statement then a protest as one protester says, “My pencil skirt is vintage.” “The sunglasses are Michael Kors.” Another protester chirps: “My top is American Apparel. The vest is Forever 21.”

The Telegraph, stated, “It all rather suggests that Occupy Wall Street is little more than a fashion show masquerading as a political movement, a gathering of super-cool yoof who want to show off how hopping mad they are about bankers and war and pollution and stuff and also how fabulously dressed and adorned they are. In this sense, that anti-corporate fashion vixen’s statement about wanting to be part of a “perfomative realm” is fitting, because this protest is really just a performance for the media, a reality TV-style display of one’s terrible emotional distress and excellent fashion sense. The return of class anger? Do me a favour. This ain’t class politics; it’s just classy clothes and haircuts.”

Check out Fashion Trends Slideshow by NY Times of “What to Wear to Protest.”


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  1. Confused says:

    So let me think about this. Go to a big corporations store to buy fashionable clothes to protest corporate greed? Oxymoronic.

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